DEC 18, 9:00 PM

Born in a bugallow up this hill as you see above then. 1, BEDE WALK.

MARCH 09, 15:37 PM

   I is happy - you behaive owl Durl.. R T Pop. FullerLength                              sleeves

DEC 25, 11:00 AM

The only other good day for kids. The 47  Bus stop a nice terminus over on Broadway west we lived there at number 91, see.

JAN 1  any year. 1957 1945 to

That's the wife's lazy husband.

 But then I was fewer in years, and like found life and inward over welming of desires to show everybody how to do it I sees them all questioning and jolly and fully housed with big ideas the biggest, that go no where,, how strange 


MAY 5, 3:00 PM

Looked up Julie, little Julie French living at Manor court there in a Whitley Bay area The idea was I was leaving home, she was the help then my what a beauty shuh could muster enough for me to say a've left everywhere forever and never coming back,, see Aa?

JULY  8, 7:00 PM

The acid rain After watching Hill Street Blues I was flabbergasted to see it still existed at all

AUG 9, 11:00 AM and 1982

"Getting happy like the 1st, time ever. and actually having friends for once a friend, not someone to promote thats a band I don't know how else you have one see gaga

OCT 11, 2:00 PM

 into something I never want to end

FEB 11, 5:00 PM 1981

just getting better even seeing bands in Europe

MARCH 13, 1:00 PM

to far to go known as North Shields

 but everyone does this that needs it... Lids City