The CAR wheels check

From The Hastings Clown Susan The Wife

We had to leave home in a hurry Sue had been instructed not to take her bag, which nearly got her buzzed , and thum in chasing a TV license  left me dumb, and the point of living when the arrest you for their food to go off first, says the idea is it's stole only id lived and belonged in Gosforth first as you know. Still it was left in the boot and I had to scratch in view walls chucked out as per here is the games rules, nobody finds out about this over 3, Sir fools and law is big busts. For once Sue hadn't ran off and I found her in when I got through rage. Next though we'd be driving off together for a better life amongst the norms of life which meant out of City tour. In the new car always stopping to fasten it up the odd audi front wheel brake in union wouldn't stay together and needed alan keys over finger tight now and then now you sees why the police let us go onto motorway with boot open. I never knew but pulled in first at gas stage and seen their smileing off. So feeling safely there at the Brighten turn on hill at garage Isees alan keys only nothing changed still burning through seaford wills to Hastings a church go in add fumbling phones I dials and arranges views, Sue had been made mad a without cake and be by mammy go home  I took her off first to see and with Ivan Spring the host we mades a new start their.

 We'd blew over but id left it to-late to help Sue in strange as the only gift alive its a fierce review needed dwinddled out of friends with no hope of peeing by her a last gasp that the threw in a face as a blame but hey there wasn't nout else for her to see in help. its an intreging story i'll find away to explain to you people the powers of lusts must apply The Last Effort Of Sue with no repliers. and accused afterwards by a Barons root. So after M.O.T. fails we drift a bit but walking lolier on badge stout picks up a beauty to bust. 


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