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 Completely Compeditive      

    The Endurance Of Staminar


Where you need it, when you most want it,

When it isn't even easy .

Tales, There's nothing even Close., And News you can rely on understand


 Struck by the power of schools I decided to continue alass the fabled belief it was a mistake and it lingures for some time To see the real world is easier but they're so lonely, why should I care for them when it''s their dream I hold against the odds she she's its nonesense to plus their desire any longer when she see's they're looseing even a grasp on this sense let alone a life that anyone can have any longer for a nonesense I stays in school to play to odd boys have a laugh when you see I'm in power ( forever ) push off again in yeh little practises they'll believe in foh yuh to pain the hidden grinnys over possy. 

  More each week in collumn the hunter peaces and pals disrespect excelciar efforts to that fussy pants through tuh yeh ears, now un-educated Thats Strange puggard


The DATA Mineing powerpoint thats u bent upon foward in lean over yeh lesson answers to swallow argue thats facts pushin in not brains yuh fabricated alie farce of little pre affair is all you can have sunshine in lossers yuh are

 Next capital brings you closer to your lean and don't show me you'll wonder why for a while look back while I pig and get it that you can't is your mistake as you continue in summers house of his little tricks I expect you'll be suprised its his little peck o'princess of the impossible nicer pals and longer loves lugs attached for yeh spanking rally you hold internally fortituded by loves any longer that captain of the seas where she sees not one but to tales of lovers and deciet she loves you thats 1.


The Extra

 All the pages in view a wonderous reading settion that goes on untill you can't All the links you can't handle and education all the way over grammer school's his pie As we see pier 3 things seem a little perculiar for a while you know why as you read on. Thats Education. 

In all the World there's nothing greater. The Computers.
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